Mar 18, 2012

One of Those Nick and Norah Nights

Joma told us this social rule that you shouldn't arrive too early in a party and not leave too late, else you'll look desperate. Well, being fashionably late isn't always the in thing. James warned me to arrive extra early because the DLSU fashion show / party will start by around 8:30pm. Yeah, right. We usually leave home around 10pm so we decided to exert more effort last night and left home by 9:45pm.

Upon arriving at Decagon Silver City, 10:15pm, we saw Nicole's mom ready to pick up her daughter because she was so tired after doing two fashion shows in a day! My brother talked to Nicole's mom first while I dashed to the rest room to fix myself. As I was about to enter the cubicle, someone called my name - it was Ronn with his friend Mikael! "Is the party over?" Everyone was ready to go home, but we asked them to stay a bit longer.

We joined the party and saw some familiar faces, like Shaq, an old high school friend who still weighs twice my weight, haha! Kidding! It was an org party in DLSU so after about an hour of two cocktails and greeting our acquaintances, we left to Papa John's in Greenbelt to meet Ashley and Nina.

After that, everything was a blur. I remember we saw the usual dirty old foreigners with their "new found friends" walking side by side while we were in Coffee Bean. We then went to Ponti in Valero St. which wasn't as packed as we thought it would be so we dashed to Distillery in Jupiter St. to drink some margaritas and call it a night! Guess what, we saw some celebrities (Vhong, Zanjo, Korean guy) though I'm really not that familiar with them - not fashion people.

"If you remember everything, then you're not really in the moment." I guess we went to a total of six places in one night (yes, including McDonalds where we had to grab a quick snack)! Last night was totally random. Can't help but compare it to the movie Nick and Nora's infinite playlist, only we're not in high school anymore.

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