Mar 22, 2012

Creative Vision

It's been almost a year since I graduated, and there were doubts then if I'll still be able to use my skills in creating beautiful promos when I left my org. Good thing Manila Kid and I'mAB was there.

I'm sure those who'll graduate are uncertain of what will happen, but I guess if you really love what you're doing, your purpose and passion will eventually find you, no matter where you get yourself into. That's what I learned from my meditation teacher who was a brand manager of a giant multinational company and is now serving as yoga and meditation instructor.

These were some of the ad campaigns we did, and I must say for the nth time, we have the most tasteful campus merchandise promos out there! Haha!

To Mike and James, thank you for allowing me to create magic and express my creative vision! I can't wait for the new batch of promos next school year!

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