Mar 24, 2012

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made

I've always been an all out supporter of talent and passion, so when Charizze asked for help in taping her competition piece for this Korean dance cover challenge, I immediately said yes provided that I won't edit the video. Just help with the shoot, since editing HD videos has become traumatizing.

So even though I only slept for two hours last night (my mom tells me I look like a skull already), I dragged myself to wake up in an ungodly Saturday morning and prepare for the shoot.

I didn't bring any clothes for styling because Charizze is a cosplayer herself and Korean street fashion isn't really my thing. I just had with me my newly bought Samsung Galaxy Tab and trusty aviators!

The original plan was to shoot it in Paragon Plaza where the backdrop will be the giant antenna/signal tower of Magic 89.9, but because it was too hassle, we shot it in a rooftop around Manila area.  

I'm not used to a suburban New York-ish setting because everything looks crowded and complicated, but it's definitely a new experience. There's beauty in the dilapidated walls and rusting pipe lines. Can't help but sing "concrete jungle where dreams are made of..." But we're definitely not in New York.

The lighting would have looked amazing if we waited for the sunset (better yet if we woke up earlier for the sunrise), but I had a meeting to catch at 1pm so by 12:30, I bid Charizze goodbye and wished her well.

I forgot to mention that Charizze's parents are very supportive of her dancing and singing career! It's unconventional because most traditional Chinese families set paths for their sons/daughters to follow, like going into the family business or studying Mandarin in China first. Maybe gone are the days of arrange marriages and foot binding traditions. I just hope this liberal thinking would progress faster in our religion drunk country.

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