Apr 11, 2011

Habang May Abisyon Pa

I was having dinner with my cousins last night when one of them was telling us about the time when she wanted to be the mayor of this small town in order to rehabilitate this worn out bridge in a far flung province. "May ambisyon pa noon." That really hit me hard because after 10 years, what will become of the ambition that I have now?

But actually, most of my batchmates' ambition as I see it is slowly being eaten by the necessity to find a job. Hey, it's more practical right? After graduation, you get a job for a multinational company that pays you with car loans and tax. Great. It's just the way of life - to lose the passion and idealism molded by the educational system (or by our professors) because capitalism clawed its way into society.

I'm constantly bothered by the wasted or undirected passions of the newly graduates that will just feed big institutions which result to greater marginalization in our country. A meditation teacher (who used to be a marketing agent for Proctor and Gamble) warned me about these things. "It will destroy your soul."

The challenge is always to have that passion to keep us going and reaching for our goals. Getting a job might get us one step closer to these dreams but let us not lose sight of the bigger picture on the way. No one could have said it better: "If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you." - Steve Jobs

Right now, I have a lot of projects on the way like Manila Kid and the bamboo farm I'll be putting up in Lopez, Quezon province. I'll be going there next week with the rest of the family to do some study and see the potential of the project. 

I challenge everyone to aspire for something bigger than themselves and risk. There's more life in it that than sitting in a desk job taking orders from your boss who tells you to do otherwise that what you really think is right.

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