Apr 2, 2011

Behind the Scenes of Manila Kid Shoot

We did some shoot for the teasers of Manila Kid yesterday in Intramuros. You won't see any of the merchandise here because we want to capture the brand since Manila Kid is more than the merchandise. It is a movement that supports the rebranding of Manila into something youthful, something which the next generation can be proud of.

Something about the models:
Alexis just signed up with a modeling agency and she'll be walking on her first fashion week this season at 15 years old. She's taller than me and those cheeckbones are to die for. She's also the sister of one of one of our long time friends, Joma.

Speaking of Joma, here he is demoralizing Charles. Kidding! I got to know him through a friend and he posed for a clothing brand before. His teeth reminds me of Francisco Lachowski while his overall feature looks similar with Jacob Black. Haha! I got him because he has those strong features combined with the right skin tone making him the official face of Manila Kid. 

Kevin looks very androgynous in person, and that combined with a hint of vulnerability can make him a perfect model for Topman, as soon as his features become more mature. He's also our neighbor so it was very convenient for us to tag him along. Haha!

We had a bit of a hard time because it was very cloudy during the day so we can't do the effects that we want. Our official stylist wasn't there as well so we had to improvise with what we have.

By the way, we had five photographers! Special thanks to Mark Perez who slid into the mud just to take some gorgeous photos.

And yes, everyone wanted to be a model. Actually, Joma had walked the runway dressed in a lion-esque inspired outfit.

The girl in the middle is Jane, our make up artist. She was also busy during the shoot because she's a wedding planner so she had to be on the phone all the time. She's also helping us plan the launch party of Manila Kid happening this May just before fashion week.

We had the most amazing crew of nine people who all volunteered to make this shoot a success! 

We'll release the teaser promos by tomorrow evening. If you have a facebook account, search us by typing Manila Kid and press like!:D Thank you!

PS: Don't kill us. This isn't a fashion editorial. We tried to tone it down so that more people can relate. Haha!


Jarvs said...

And America's Next Top Model is...Joma!

Are you going to sell clothes like the ones they are wearing in the shoot??

nicolethedressupdoll said...

I'm looking forward to this Neil!contact me if you need help!:)