Apr 8, 2011

Boracay By Night

Everyone in school was in Boracay. It was flooded with Ateneans, from high school to college to the alumni and their families that it is impossible to not spot anyone when walking or eating. It was like the school cafeteria one more time.

During the first night, we stayed in Inna's place because she's hosting a party where they invited some fire dancers. Hot and totally dangerous! I wasn't able to take pictures (most of my stay) because my camera was too bulky and the lens is a bit defective.

That was the start of our grueling night where we visited six bars in one night! I'm not complaining though - what a way to burn those calories.

Aside from drinking, we just danced the night away even though some of the movements were limited because the places were jam packed - skin to skin. The eclectic vibes were infectious, there's so much energy going on. But beware because few bars have good DJs.

Some were even unfortunate enough to "meet" some foreigners on the way. I just realized that these foreigners think so little of our Filipina women. At some nights, you'll have the opportunity to peek at couples having sex on the beach - and i'm not just talking about the drink. It was hysterical! Haha!

For some reason, life in Bora starts to pick up at night. Or maybe because I'm young so there's more life when the sun starts to set. There will be some events during the day but nothing beats Boracay parties!

During my last night, I asked my friends if they can stay up with me to watch the sunrise. They got so sleepy so I went alone. Good thing that I did because the moment seemed more special seeing the sunrise on my birthday.

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