Apr 17, 2011

Forever Young, Forever 21

I'm on a Peter Pan meets Dorian Grey syndrome right now. Tomorrow will be the official start of my life in the working class (que horror the word!) and I can't explain here the emotionally induced vomits I'm trying to recover from while blogging. It feels like the night before I entered college - the difference is, I knew some people back then but this time it's totally different.

I really don't know what to expect because this isn't school where you'll look forward to your new classmates, teachers, subjects and the light at the end of the tunnel - summer vacation, every year! Instead, you get to pay taxes (for most people), have a boss (of even your own life) and there's a great probability to lose ambition and idealism.

I want to be forever young, forever 21. I know this job will force out some maturity in me and I don't know why life has to be patterned in such a way - blame it on the entry of capitalism once again! I think getting a job straight out from college is not a good thing. I should have listened to my cousins and parents (for once) to take a break for a year than following the flow of my batchmates who think it's a necessity to get a job as soon as possible. I feel so unprepared.

After my first day at work, my mom will pick me up to have dinner. I'll try to write what happened tomorrow as soon as I get home.

PS: I'm back in Chictopia