Apr 11, 2011

Boracay By Day

On my last day in Boracay, I waited for the sunrise over White Beach. The last time I saw the sunrise over the sea was during my senior year in high school back in Lian Batangas. I was with my closest friends at that time and it was a freezing morning. 

This time I was alone, trying to preserve in my memory the first moments of my 21st year in Earth.

This is one of the rare sites of D'Mall - it looks like a ghost town without the busy people.

In the middle of the morning, there were loads of locals and tourists trying to "spoil" the place. I'm really not a fan of large crowds so I wasn't that comfortable seeing so many people interacting.

I didn't get to actually swim in the beach for some reason. We went to the hotel of our friend instead to swim because I guess it's more private and there are less chances of being eaten by sharks and being stung by jellyfishes.

I love observing people playing in the beach. I'm not built for sports so I'd rather stay out of Frisbee and Volleyball games. I was just there fanning with my 21inch fan while my friends try to sweat the remaining baby fats or just plainly show their bora bodies - mostly applicable to girls because the guys are fat.

Boracay looks amazing at sunset but it's the friends that you're with that makes it truly special. It's the experience more than the stunning landscape. Can't wait to go back here in 2 months time (hopefully!)

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