Apr 18, 2011

First Day of Work

I guess luck has always been there with me from the time I passed ACET up to now in finding my first job. I feel blessed and grateful to be working as a representative of UNICEF because it is something that I believe in and which work I will actually do voluntarily because of the kids.

The starting salary (which can match a finance job in an international bank) I say is an added bonus because the thing that will keep me going, aside from knowing that I'm helping improve children's lives, are the many traveling opportunities that come with my job. My trainer, which is also an Atenean, went to Malaysia on her fifth day!

The promotion in our company is extremely fast. There are basically five levels to the job program that I'm in and upon reaching the top, I can choose my own office to run (all capital and expenses paid) and can ear six digits!!! Some people have done it in a span of less than 2 years with the company at age 24! Unbelievable right?

But I have to be honest, I have to extend long hours of work - like working for 12 hours. It isn't a desk job so we'll be in a new place everyday, sometimes in provinces for a week doing information campaigns. I'll get to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds, which will make the job very interesting and non-monotonous.

It was my first day earlier and I surprisingly enjoyed it. I made new friends but I have to be conscious with the way I speak because Ateneans have a certain way of speaking which might turn people off. It was all information overload day so I wasn't able to do well with the evaluation at the end of the day:

Evaluator: Who is the head of UNICEF in the Philippines. Clue, artista siya.
Me: (after a long pause) KC Concepcion?
FAIL:| It's actually Gary V.

I'm planning to convert my salary to tangible and intangible assets like buying the merchandise, funding the shoots and paying for our graphic designer/s for Manila Kid. I'm also starting with my bamboo farm which I'll call Talitha Bamboos so I'll be needing a researcher to study everything I need and want to know from choosing the right specie to developing the business aspect.

Conservatively, my target is to raise 5 million worth of assets in 5 years. I think I can raise 2 million from my job with UNICEF and the rest will hopefully come from Soya Ice, Manila Kid and Talitha Bamboos. It's an ambitious project, but I knew some people in the company who are earning three digits per month on their second year in the company so hopefully, it isn't possible.

I'm still early tomorrow! Will definitely bring my fighting attitude to work!

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