Oct 23, 2010

Party for the Environment

Isn't it weird that a party with the title Burn it all Down has an environmental cause, according to one of the organizers. (Or was he just shitting me? Haha!)

Last Wednesday, I got invited to a party in Encore and I wasn't really sure if I'd go or not.

At 8pm, I decided to go but I didn't know what to wear so I just grabbed my black leather blazer, some gingham polo and studded hand cuffs.

Good thing I went because I really had a great time! 

I probably burned a thousand calories just by dancing the night away.

Since sembreak has just started, everyone was so energetic

Especially when the DJ played songs that reminded me of high school!

But since it was a party for the environment, I was wondering how many carbon dioxide got emitted in the atmosphere because of the lights. Haha!

Till the next party:)

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