Oct 20, 2010

Electric Feel Part 1

Went to Tagaytay last weekend for our org's EvSem. It's where we evaluate what happened during the first semester and plan more for next year's project.

I took with me Xea and Gracie for our department. Gracie is very assertive and I see the initiative in her, while Xea is our Design committee head and I think he's willing to step up. He also has the marketing skill since they won best Marketing project in their batch for their relaunch of Close Up.

We arrived there around 4:30pm, then after settling down, we ate at... Shakey's. Why Shakey's? We have Shakey's in Katipunan! Haha!

Then we went back at the house to evaluate some projects. We were 16 all in all so we had to join three tables so we would fit.

We also had some group dynamics care of Thea. It was really fun even though the games were mostly international relations related.

You can see that we even posted our org's flag.

That night was also Nico's birthday! So we planned a surprise party for him:)

You can't blame Ronnie here, the cake was really good!!!

Based from their faces, I think people had a great time!

This was our gift to Nico - a picture of him in his Blue Babble suit while dancing!:D

To be continued in the next post:)

PS: Why is the title Electric Feel? Well, that song was played like a dozen times during our three day stay so it was that song kinda captured the whole experience. It will always remind me of Oct 16-18:)

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