Oct 20, 2010

Electric Feel Part 2

We started our second day with some group dynamics, again from Thea, where we had to portray events in history and present it using pictures.

This was supposed to be Evita Peron giving a speech after her husband's death.

A scene from Tienanmen Square / Chinese Communism.

Then here's our picture for the London Olympics. As you can see, there were no sports being played, but I want to capture the ability of Olympics to draw in people of different backgrounds.

More planning after the GD - this time regarding our National Conference.

I asked Xea here to make us a new logo for the NatCon.

Honestly, we are kinda delayed in giving out the invites to the schools because we had to rethink the three major panels: Business and Technology; Culture and Environment; Law and Politics.

We went to the club house after our meeting so that they can hear mass. I didn't join them so I just roamed around to take some photos. 

Too bad we didn't have enough time to go to the pool or play tennis.

We then went back to the house to prepare our dinner. We were the ones who cooked because Nico's maid was sick and she had to be picked up. We got the house for ourselves.

Mon was the "head chef."

The mash potatoes were really hard to prepare! But it was a good meal!:)

Then more GDs and planning after dinner. This time, it's pictionary.

That night was very fun because we played this funny drinking game called "Whatta" - we had to do some karate thing. Then, King's Cup where Mike had to drink a concoction of beer, irish cream and vodka.

The next day, we had to do our souvenirs where we had to write a message to everyone. 

Here's my card. Thank you to everyone who had the nicest things to say:) I really appreciate it.

After some final pictures, we were done.

A lot of things cannot be captured by words and pictures. I have to say that I really enjoyed this event. In fact, I kinda want to delay my graduation so that I'd be able to still be part of HPAIR next school year:) But then again, I already found someone who can replace me next year so I know the next batch will be in good hands.

We should have a real outing next time guys! An outing that doesn't involve any planning!:D

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Pauline said...

Hey Neil, I totally love your blog! I had so much fun in the Evsem too. :D See you soon!