Oct 4, 2010

Ateneo BONFIRE 2010

Katipunan bled blue last night.

You'll only see a three peat championship once in a lifetime!!!

We went first to Cantina before going to the bonfire.

There was already a big crowd when we arrived in school.

Alumni groups and families are in their tents, seated with lechon and beer in front of them!:D

I bought my food from my friends' food stalls: Sandwichitos

and Hungry Panda:D

and Krispy Kreme

A lot of my friends were scattered everywhere. It was actually hard to look for someone because it was a bit dark and everyone keeps moving.

Around 9pm, the crowed hushed. Ateneo's Alma Mater song was played and everyone knew the song by heart - matched with the raising of the right fist. Made me proud to actually be part of this unified crowed.

After the song, there were some fireworks.

Then they lit the bonfire - and my camera went dead. Low bat. :(( We went closer to the bonfire to see people wildly taking their pictures in front of the fire.

Parokya Ni Edgar played their classic songs, then we got tired so we went back to Cantina to party the night away:D

This is definitely one of those most memorable nights in college:)

I know this sounds conceited, but I can't help myself from saying, ANG SARAP MAGING ATENISTA!!!:D

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