Oct 10, 2010

Back to Nature

I'm really excited to go back to Cabiao, Nueva Ecija this sembreak.

Months ago, I visited the ecovillage they are setting up in Cabiao and there were still no finished structure - everything was still being placed.

But last week, someone emailed me that they are living already in the ecovillage and they just finished an Ecovillage Design Education course (65,000 pesos per person for a month).

This November 4-6, there will be an international meeting (supposedly to be held in Thailand but will now take place here) and I can't wait to meet other representatives and talk about what they are doing in their respective countries.

I just wish I could have done something more with my position, but school work is holding me back. There is a huge potential for this project (another one is being set up in Central Luzon State University which i hope I can also check) and I'll try to concentrate on it after grad.

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