Jun 25, 2010

Something that I'm Really Proud Of

As I was going home from a meeting with some of Ateneo's student government officers/personel for my proposed project, I realized something: I started as a freshman in college without an org and without a plan to join in one.

But here I am, in my senior year, a vice president in a Harvard affiliated org, a representative of the Philippines to an international youth organization where we amend regional policies (allocation of funds, appointment of new leaders...) with other reps from other countries, and by the end of this year, hopefully, I'll be able to organize a nation wide conference where student leaders (most of them in Luzon) will be invited for a gathering to talk about issues that matter - specifically the environment.

And I'm still a one man team. (hopefully by the end of July, I'll have the people that I need.)

I cannot attribute these much to hard work, but with luck, initiative and the availability of opportunities. I was at the right place, at the right time and know the right people with connections. To not say that I'm proud of myself would be a sign of false humility.

To top that off, I still paint and give contributions to an Art portfolio magazine, and I'm still planning to finalize the structure of my novel by the end of the school year.

The number one priority of most of my batch mates right now is to get a good job. I'm satisfied to say that that's the last thing on my mind:)

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