Jun 3, 2010


I was at the edge of my seat, cross legged, with my nails in between my teeth. It's one of those rare moments where I remove my glasses, wipe the tears and just absorb the brilliance of a masterpiece. I am much humbled to have watched Noy.

It's been ages since I've watched a Filipino movie. The last time was a requirement for a Filipino class. I was supposed to accompany my friend to watch Sex and the City today but only read his email after I bought my ticket for Noy. Yes, I have my laptop with me usually when I go to malls just in case I need to blog something out of impulse - like what I'm doing now.

The movie was able to capture the current predicaments of Senator Noynoy, and the tragedy and fate of Benigno Aquino when he attempted to defy the odds and the gods during his time. It has that spark of Ishmael Bernal's Himala, but more tastefully done and a very now version.

Dondon Santos did a phenomenal job in this movie, he deserves an award and more than that - the praise of the Filipino people for giving us another jewel - something we can be proud of. Coco Martin and Joem Bascon complimented each other with their gripping performance. The movie couldn't have worked with a better duo.

When I watched The Boy In the Striped Pajamas, I was left breathless and demanding for justice and redemption to the chain bounded Jews. This was the same sensation I felt after the movie, but you will realize that there is hope after all that the characters have gone through. And indeed, hope is all we have right now.

(As much as I want to write more, I still have to go to Shangri-La for the opening of the French Film Festival tonight. Check my previous post for the schedule)

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