Jun 6, 2010

Back to the Earth

Last May 28, we launched our website at Tokyo for the Global Ecovillage Network for Oceania and Asia. It's just last week that I was able to check the website because I was busy with Fashion Week and some cultural events. It was great seeing my name together with other reps. from other countries.

So right now, I'm a bit guilty that I still haven't done much for the community in the Philippines. I mean I have visited the headquarters, decided on some administrative international policies (like the budget) and met up with other ecovillage students and volunteers but a concrete project is yet to be seen.

But I have a plan in mind. The Ateneo has two organizations that I'd want to tap because they have the manpower to implement some projects that I have in mind - Ateneo Environmental Management Coalition and a new one (i forgot the name.) I just hope my plan will turn out fine.

Right now, I'm stuck with making the promotional materials for Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations and I just want to make killer promo stuff so that we'd have at least a hundred members by next year.