Jun 21, 2010

An Act of Random Kindness

These previous weeks have been stressful (starting with Fashion Week down to the First Week of Classes.) To top that off, I'm going to have "life changing" meetings this week so I had to reserve a day to have my face repaired - this afternoon was the first time that I didn't cry in the butchering room, so I gave the biggest tip to that lucky lady who's about to retire 2 days from now.

The tip is worth 250.

I didn't give it in cold cash, but a gift certificate from White Hat (thank you to my sponsors!). To remind you guys, I'm lactose intolerant so using that GC would do me more harm than good.

"Hi miss! Since this was the first time for the last five years that I didn't cry because your hands are so smooth and light, I'm giving you this gift certificate. (wink and smile) Keep up the good work! Ano pala pangalan mo?" I wanted her to always attend to me whenever I needed to have my face repaired, but she said that she'll be done by June 23.

How sad:(

She was a bit confused first because I was so perky earlier, but when I gave her the GC, her face lit up! Maybe a lot of people are not kind and generous these days. Deep inside I also felt very happy because 1) I got my face repaired and 2) I made someone happy.

And that happiness cannot be replaced by buying a pair of red leather shoes (i always feel magical whenever i wear them) or tickets for a theater production.

So if you're depressed or stressed, doing daily acts of random kindness will be that caffeine or that tequila shot to give anyone a boost for the day:D Trust me! It can be anything: paying for a car at the toll booth next to you, giving a tired photo copy lady extra tip, or just giving a smile to someone who makes an extra effort to dress up.

I was in Glorietta when this kid was having difficulty using the automatic faucet. I showed him how to do it. An hour passed by and we met again at Power Books and he introduced me to his mom! Haha! He even tried to give me a hi five but I avoided his hands :P Mahiyain kasi ako! Haha!


Anonymous said...

the operative word is not REPAIR, it's "OVERHAUL." just kidding

Anonymous said...

THAT'S GREAT! :D I'm gonna try doing that.