Jun 12, 2010

Message to My AB Lit Freshies

It was three years ago when I was seated in the covered courts - so anxious and confused by the new environment that was college. Everybody was standing in their chairs dancing this Banana song while I was busy fanning myself because it was so humid.

The past 3 days allowed me to be that freshy once again. I saw myself in some of my freshmen who were reserved and at the same time irritated by the heavy physical work (breathlessly running all the time!) for a simple orientation seminar to a university. But then again, no other university does it the Ateneo way.

It was very fortunate for me to be assigned to an AB Lit Block. The world has stories to tell - of tragic romances, of victories in war, of hopes and dreams gone to waste, of the continuing search for people to be human... and it is up to you guys to observe and capture these stories, retell them in your most creative and original way. And hopefully, someday, you may become successful writers - measured not by the many books you publish but the number of people you inspire!

And indeed, you have given inspiration to me and Ian. This will be my last year in the Ateneo and me being your Log allowed me to satisfy that human tendency of wanting to be remembered. I hope your ORSEM was memorable.

Allow me to give you three advices:

1) Keep a blog. It will help you become better writers because continuous writing helps you organize your thoughts, it is a reflective exercise that may come in handy in creating your central themes and it makes you remember more details in daily events. I have kept a blog since high school and I can say with so much justice and conviction that it helped me survive the Ateneo.

2) Grab every opportunity to celebrate the arts, truth and life. The Ateneo has a lot to offer for you to be the best that you can be - MAGIS! If you can be a celebrity, varsity, dean's lister and a JSEC stall owner all at the same time, (Chris Tiu) then by all means, be one!

3) To whom much is given, much is required. Give back to the community and always be grateful for everything. By everything, I mean everything. The Jesuits will teach you to see God in all things - in studying, in prayer, even in abortion and prostitution. You just need to keep an open mind.

Enjoy your four years of stay in the Ateneo! Rizal had his happiest days here. I hope it will be the same for you!

(This was me at the end of OrSem. Super tired but still tries to look decent. Haha!)

And at the end of the day, you can finally say with so much pride and conviction, "ang sarap maging Atenista!"

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