Jun 14, 2010

San Mig Light and A Cup Of Coffee At the Front Row

Scandalous! It has been said (countless times) that the runway is sacred. It is where designers pour out months of hard work - it can make or break a designer's career. It was the last day of the Philippine Fashion week when there it was, in all splendor and glory, an empty bottle of San Mig Light and a cup of coffee!

I don't know what those people are thinking bringing beverages inside and leaving their trash for the organizers to fix. It's like drinking beer inside a church! There's this unwritten rule in fashion shows that you have to follow, so please people, let us show some respect to the designers.

Speaking of designers, Jerome Salaya Ang really knows how to capture his audience with his exquisite pieces that is very reminiscent of the great Alexander McQueen.

It was a magical moment staring at all those pieces. Every piece punches with so much power and audacity.

My brother and I were also invited to be dressers for the School of Fashion and the Arts. Surprisingly, I got to be the dresser of one of my schoolmates - Tasha.

It was totally crazy backstage. People are stripping and clothes are flying everywhere. A bit stressful, yes, but definitely fun because you get to touch all those fabulous clothes

After the show, we saw our fabulous old friends - the Uy siblings. (left and center)

Not Vince and Liz Uy, but Raymond and Vianca Uy! We have known each other since grade one!

By the way, I was photographed by styleanywhere.com as you see below.

And I also got to meet fellow chictopians: the ever beautiful Lissa Kahayon and the very cordial and fierce Kookie Buhain. There I am with my brother and Onin, the photographer from style anywhere.

After 5 days of non-stop last minute panicking on which outfit to wear, it's finally over. What a great way to end Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010! Hope to see you guys next season.

-photos courtesy of stylebible.ph, styleanywhere.com, Vianca Uy, Kathleen Lim and Kookie Buhain


toxic disco boy said...

why didn't you come to the Metrowear show? i thought u guys would be there too.

love your red blazer! ganda!

Anonymous said...

I love your blazer! Let's do some photoshoots! Why not!

-Rhai Laborte