Jun 9, 2010

Freshy Achays

Imagine me squatting on a basketball court cement floor while cleaning freshly used silverware wrapped in slimy tissue while sweating like a baby hippo. And after all those running and making paypay and payong to the freshies, they'll lecture us that we weren't effective with a fiery language that I dare not even use to our PAID maids and yaya no matter how stupid they are (except my yaya, she's brilliant!). We are VOLUNTEERS! Not SLAVES!

I felt like an alila earlier but everything was worth it for the freshies!

Now here's a problem in our committee that I'd like to zoom in...

No formal bond exists between us VOLUNTEERS and those tyrants so I really don't get why these people have the insensitivity to humiliate people in front of a large crowd. VOLUNTEERS are dedicating their remaining summer break just to serve the freshies as best as they could and what you get after a hard day's work (although there are minor mistakes) are super delayed pep talks that bashes people's efforts for service.

We weren't required to volunteer and we weren't paid. We had to wake up at 5am in the morning and go home with very sore feet and legs and a chance of fever. So very minor mistakes SHOULD be forgiven. They should remind people not to repeat them again, and NOT humiliate and single them out in front of a large crowd and call them GAGO or BASTOS!!!

By the way, I've done my job with flying colors and has been volunteering for ORSEM since I was in sophomore so I have the guts and legitimacy to complain about their verbal maltreatment of other VOLUNTEERS. The past Logistics leaders weren't as barbarous and as un-Atenean as the ones we have now.

And by the way, these "leaders" don't have the legitimacy to maltreat VOLUNTEERS like that because 1) they are very inefficient in meetings. I mean, we waste half of the morning for worthless GDs, and 2) they are very unprofessional! The list of complaints goes on. But no one complained publicly to them! No one's criticizing them, humiliating them in front of a huge crowd.

And to think that some of these VOLUNTEERS are Presidents and officers of Ateneo and other international orgs! I admire these VOLUNTEER'S humility - something admirable and something that can be imitated by others.

I still have the discipline and kindness not to single out names here. On a last note, I just want to say to these people that although they have the position and they have prepared months for this event, they have NO RIGHT to maltreat their greatest resources - VOLUNTEERS. And without us, their preparations will be worthless. So treat your VOLUNTEERS humanely.

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Charlotte said...

neil! what did i miss? :)) why the bitterness?