Jun 5, 2010

Creativity SOS

The yearbook creative photo shoot is just a month away and still, i have no idea who i'm going as. My current idea: Andre Chang, The Mad Hatter or a Virgin Priestess. I want to be unique and to stand out above the rest. Something that I'll be able to pull off naturally - without cheap cardboard or plastic.

If I go as Andre Chang, I must not cut my hear till July (or I can wear a wig), buy as much neck pieces as I can, buy the most flamboyant jacket and sun glasses. I'm just not sure if people will get that I'm Andre if ever they open the yearbook 10 years from now.

(photo from Karl Leuterio)

Here's my brother attempting to pull off an Andre Chang (with a guitar?!) with his friends.

I really like the idea of a character coming from a children's book. I don't have a problem with the crazy suit, scarves and rabbit. I can wear a wig and make a top hat from paper mache. My only concern is its originality.

And I'm just kidding with the virgin priestess. (or masubukan nga)

I'm still not confident if my ideas are good enough. Please help me think of what to wear! This is like one of the most important pictorials ever of my life. Reply with your suggestions. It would be deeply appreciated.

Whoever's suggestion will be chosen will win 2 buy one take one passes for Ace Water Spa worth P1,100 plus discount coupons from Flap Jacks (250), Red Box (500), Pulse Yoga (6 free sessions) and many more.


1 comment:

Kevin said...

I gave you the Mad Hatter idea so that should be a coupon already!

You can be The White Queen too, coz you're flimsy and kinda delusional.