Jan 2, 2010

Starting the Year Right

Spent the New Year in the country club in Tagaytay.

Haven't been there for quite some time, but surprisingly, the servers still remember us:D

The view was still breath taking - the sun sparkling on the Taal lake, the combination of yellow, red, violet and blue during the perfect sunset and the silence.

And the wind was so fierce it just sweeps you above the ground:P

T'was definitely a great way to start the year.

Being away from the fast paced lifestyle and noisy streets of Manila for a few days is just so refreshing.

Anyway, I'm actually planning to celebrate my 20th birthday at the country club pool!

It would be a firefly themed party and lanterns will be all over the place. I'm so excited and I hope my friends can all attend:P

I did this before but only few attended because the travel is more than two hours from Manila. This time it would be bigger!

Have a great year everyone!:P

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