Dec 31, 2009

High School Class Reunion

It's my fault that some people weren't able to come because I planned the class reunion on a non-existent restaurant. Apparently, the two Dencio's in Greenhills decided to move / close. I always check in Click the City for available restaurants and someone wasn't doing his job of updating the site so people got lost looking for the restaurants.

Anyway, the more the merrier but the lesser the more intimate. There were only the 12 of us who made it (the people who didn't find us partied on their own) but I guess more stories were shared and the next get together was planned more smoothly than expected.

We ate at Grilla Promenade then they went to Neily's house for more kwentuhan and some card games. Jovic, Chris and I supported the local film industry and watched Mano Po 6 which was totally worth the money we paid.

Next class reunion will be at the house of Rayern (who wasn't in any of the picture because he's the photographer of the night) during the summer break! I hope more people can attend.

What a great way to end the year! Happy new year everyone!:P


Anonymous said...

what can you advise people who got separated from their high school friends and feel isolated and lonely?

Neil Palteng said...

@anonymous: i'll dedicate a blog regarding your question soon. probably next week since i'm a bit busy this week. a lot of people have been asking me the same query:D