Jan 3, 2010

Soar High - My First Song Composition

On my way home from Corinth, I found myself humming to a song I wrote years ago for our high school graduation song competition. Although it wasn't chosen to represent our class because it sounded like it came from a musical, I still remember every lyric and every high note in the song.

memories echo at the empty hallways
as we drift apart from this home
four years of laughter, of sorrows and pains
in lessons in life and values to gain
but now's the time to spread our wings
soar high on what tomorrow would bring

Can you spot me below? It's not difficult, I'm not hard to miss:P This was taken during our last outing as a class at Albert's resort.

It was during our Music class when our teacher required us to make a chorus and sing it in front of him. God knows I can only squeak the song but he actually liked it considering it only took me 5 minutes to write the whole chorus. I think five more songs were chosen (including mine) and he asked us, the composers, to complete the whole song for the class to choose its representative song to compete with the other classes.

Yzzy's song Sulyap got most of the votes because it was the most upbeat and heartfelt for a high school student.

at heto na (and here it is)
andito na tayo (we have arrived)
handa ng humarap sa bagong buhay (ready to face the new life)
isang sulyap pa sa'yo kaibigan (one more glance, friend)
bago tayo magka hiwalay (before we part)

I wish I could let you hear it because it's really catchy. Proof? I can still remember it after three years. Anyway, it used to be uploaded in YouTube but I guess my classmates removed it.

I wrote this because it would only be one year and three more months (hopefully) before I wear that navy blue toga, get my diploma the face the "real world" (again), and what bothers me is that I don't want to work and I don't expect to work soon.

I feel that work will just dehumanize us, chain us in an assembly line to feed capitalists and baptize us into this religion of over glorifying institutions.

Soar High! That's the title of my song and I think we should soar high beyond our formal determinism. I want to soar high to heights that can only be achieved by people who think that money is just a bonus and all other enlightening crap that my philosophy teacher teaches. I'm afraid Sir Jope really got into me.

One year and three more months. I hope it's enough to fuel my idealism for the rest of my life.

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