Jan 17, 2010

Coffee on a Roll!

Just broke a new personal record. Within less than 12 hours, I was able to visit 5 coffee shops!

First at UCC Vienna Cafe Corinth (1:30pm) where I had a chat with my high school friend Arren. I miss that guy, he always has that warm aura around him. We shared old high school stories and gossips. He treated me with this bubble gum flavored sparkling drink which is total love!

Then at Starbucks Corinth (5:30pm) where Lester and I ate pre-dinner food. We were waiting for Isa and AJ to get back from their tournaments. (Isa - Tennis; AJ - Judo)

Back to Starbucks Corinth (10:30pm) with Isa, AJ and Lester to buy more coffee.

Here's our team still high on caffeine!

We decided to make another trip to Starbucks Metrowalk (3:00am) with Isa, Lester and Julius. Surprisingly, there were loads of people lining up for coffee considering that it's almost dawn. We even saw this bold star! Haha!

We went to mass in the morning then they dropped me at Temple Drive to wait for my dad to pick me up. But before going home, I hit Starbucks (11:30am) again to buy myself some Ham and Cheese Croissant because I might just pass out at any moment.

And that's my coffee-filled day:D I hope it won't happen again! haha! I feel so jumpy tonight!

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