Jan 31, 2010

Magazine Feature

Did this interview and photo shoot a few months ago for Prime Magazine's Fine Art section and this was the first time I actually saw it in hard copy print!

It's difficult to get a copy because of the very limited stock since they're just a starting company. I don't even know if they have a pdf file where you can read over the net.

My brother (whose name they got wrong) and I talked about our personal styles (if you can classify it at all), our inspirations, dressing rituals, ultimate staples, icons, how "it" all began...

Anyway, please stop calling us twins! Haha! :D

I just remembered something! We were walking around a small provincial town and there was this guy riding a bicycle who slowed down and stared at us incredulously! Is there a problem? He laughed and said, "akala ko kambal!"

We are definitely not twins, although we speak the same and almost finish each other's sentences!


toxic disco boy said...

wow. congrats on the feature. ^^

Samantha Coronado said...

wow. i don't know that magazine yet. mukhang interesting! btw, nice blog. keep it up. :)