Jan 3, 2010

Dalai Lama with a Scarf and a Blog

"NEIL! The year is about to be over and thanks for all of the things you shared with me. Ive always thought you philosophical and spiritual that sometimes i find it difficult to fathom your 'fashionable valor' (literally). Haha. How random. Youre like the DOTS' Dalai Lama only with scarf and a blog. Continue inspiring peeps and stop being a byotch already. Thanks again! :)" - Mikey Flores

Dalai Lama with a scarf and a blog?!? Haha! That was probably the biggest compliment I received this year!

Come to think of it, I am indeed spiritual and philosophical (in words and in practice) so it may sound to people weird if I engage in this highly consumerist lifestyle.

But then again, can we say that Anna Wintour or even Cecile Zamora-Von Straten is NOT philosophical? I highly doubt it.

Maybe both Anna and Dalai L. are philosophical but they see Truth in different lights. Dalai L. thinks a peaceful united world is what we ought to live in, while Anna would prefer a thriving community of glamorous individuals. We can only choose which is healthier.

And about that BYOTCH thing, I'm trying to be nicer and kinder every year but I guess I need to work more on that:P


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