Jan 5, 2010

Some Sleep?

It's weird because I've been doing this same routine for the past nineteen years and nine months, every single night and up to this point, I still can't master it.

Sleeping. I know a lot of people are having problems doing this natural part of being breathing living creatures. For an "event" that requires you to just lie down and close your eyes, it does indeed take a lot of effort to do - take a warm bath, drink a warm milk, decrease the room temperature to make it chilly and on extreme situations (which I did four straight nights on a row,) take an anti-allergy pill with high sleeping powers, Benadryl for instance.

I remember my yoga master telling us that the most difficult position to do is the "Dead Pose." What's difficult in laying down like an eagle, closing your eyes and think of nothing? Forget about the physical aspect. He said that the mental part of letting all go and feeling "dead" is more difficult because it takes a lot of concentration mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

Anyway, god help me sleep. It's 2:45am and i still have a class at 7:30am. Zzzz....

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