Jan 8, 2010

Ang Nag Ladlad and Some Hardcore Political Gossip

Immeasurable wit from a tongue slashing political activist is a deadly combination, but that only applies if you are like one of those ancient-minded COMELEC officials who disqualifies human rights party lists because they support gays, lesbians, transgenders and bisexuals.

The Danton Remoto (chairman of Ang Ladlad - I call him Ang Nag Ladlad) we interviewed was very warm, jovial and it's as if you'd known him for months. Maybe he got that from his 22 years of teaching or he's just in a good mood that day.

We interviewed him for a report about marginalization on our Philosophy class, but I wanted to interview him ever since he showed support for the homosexuals who paraded in a celebration honoring Mama Mary (because I was furious then but now I'm good) two years ago.

If you were to choose someone (even from the past) whom you can date for one whole day who would it be? > "Pablo Neruda. I want to know where he gets his motivation/inspiration in writing such passionate poems." Yes, aside from being a pro gay rights activist, he's also a literary heavyweight - having written eight books and winning prestigious awards for his poetry and essays.

Probably the best compliment I've ever received was when Escy told me that I write as well as him. I just flipped when I heard her say that! (By the way, can I say that I really love the picture below!)

I hope that the Supreme Court will allow his petition to reconsider the Ang Ladlad as an official partylist, and come 2013, I know that he will win the Senatorial race with flying colors, mostly dominated by pink.

PS: By the end of the interview, we asked for who he will vote. That ended up in a lengthy conversation of political hardcore gossip, which I am not allow to publish publicly. I can only say that there are very nasty stuff going on. Email me if interested:P


toxic disco boy said...

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Music Blog said...

haha i want to meet him too!