Feb 9, 2010

Blogging is Praying

Prayer is beyond talking to the impotent god. On a practical sense, it is a clarification of intentions, a personal reflection we often do through mental mumblings, often disorganized and said in a very routine way - most of the time forgetting what a prayer actually means.

Having said that, I think writing is an effective way to pray, and so as painting, writing music and poetry. Blogging for me has become holy (not in a narrow religious sense, of course). It helped me clarify my intentions and what I want to communicate through others. It gave me a clearer picture of me.

It has somehow reached a level where I prefer it than my studies because it fulfills a higher value. In the words of Max Scheller, it fulfills the value of holy which is higher than utility (academics) or even mind and spirit (studying).

I also mentioned painting, music and poetry. These stuff go beyond the cognitive and reach for the spiritual, and I must say in a very disciplined, creative and organized way. It is an outpouring of the heart and mind into a clear manifestation, although open to a lot of interpretations by others.

I remember my high school English teacher telling us that one of the five signs of a learned man is being reflective. Since we are incarnate spirits, it is better if we put this reflection through action - not just a series of mental rehearsals since it would be difficult to retrieve for further use and would be so much disorganized than instead of clarifying a broader picture, it would just cloud us.

I realized that most people fail to pray or at least reflect because they cannot see these actions benefiting them. That is exactly the problem if these thoughts remain in the supra-sensate.

So i think people should write more. I heard one of my friends (who is a very good writer) say that the days of blogging are over. Well, forget your readers, at least write for yourselves.

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Mike said...

with blogging, i discovered an outlet for my emotions. it's a place where you can express everything that you feel from pain, sadness, happiness, fear, love, and even deeper emotions. the main point of having a blog is that it is for your own. blogging has taught me a lot of things over the years, and it has helped me a lot in my life.