Dec 12, 2011

So Far

I haven't updated my blog for the longest time. Maybe it's because I got this job (which I don't really like) so I'm too tired whenever I arrive home to write. It's a waste because I get a lot of ideas during the day but I have no convenient medium to archive them since I'm out of my blogging environment - in my room or in a coffee shop.

If I had to probe deeper, I think blogging has become a chore for me. I forget why I started it in the first place - for me and not just for my readers. Heck, I don't even check grammar. It's a way for me to synthesize what happened during the day, and it keeps me inspired since it reminds me of my priorities. Somehow, concretizing your ideas (or dreams) even by just writing it down makes it more real. I think I need to remind myself of that.

So far, I'm having difficulty adjusting to the corporate environment, even if it's my 3rd month now. Maybe I'm not really fit for it, or maybe I haven't even tried to adjust. I need discipline!

So far, I think we're having a hard time reaching the true potential of I'mABosco. We're doing really well in terms of sales and market awareness, but I think we can do better. I'm actually amazed because James and Mike, two of my partners, are still in school and they remain as dedicated as ever to I'mAB.

So far, we're also having a hard time finding adequate time for Manila Kid. The website launch was supposed to be last Sunday but it might be moved to January 2012 because let's just say I'm too much of a perfectionist.

I read a tweet from DJ Mo Twister earlier this evening: "having a rough day? place your hand over your heart. do you feel that? that's called purpose. dont give up." Purpose, it will keep you moving forward.

There are no shortcuts if you want to achieve something big. It may still be far, but if you take even just one step a day, you'll eventually get there. I just hope it would be sooner and less complicated.

I promise to update this blog more often!:)

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