Nov 27, 2011

Camp Suki

It's one of those nights when people won't judge if you decide to dress up in a red cape, wear fake hair, knee-high boots, a giant sword and hook for hands. Yikes! Captain Hook is my peg for our pirate-themed Christmas party so I went to Camp Suki to find the perfect costume. No, it's not a Japanese garrison where they house pictures of Japanese soldiers and their comfort women, nor is it a house where cosplayers meet (but it's close to that.)

Found beside Mt. Carmel church in New Manila, San Juan, Camp Suki has been a refuge for those who want to dress up like princesses from the Middle Ages, an abominable snow man or a even an extra terrestrial that looks like Shrek.

"Camp Suki is the largest costume resource in the country with a collection of thousands of period dresses, fantastic headdresses, etc. It is virtually a museum of sorts which caters to the whims and fantasies of the customer."

Tip to first time visitors: make sure you have a character in mind because the place is really overwhelming with so much costumes! It will save you a lot of time. Second tip, don't be afraid to change ideas/plans. Feel free to ask the people there if you need assistance because they're very accommodating. They'll even give you some advice on what to pair with what.

When my brother and I went there last week for the second time, we were really in a hurry because he had to direct a photo shoot in the afternoon. I think we only had 10 minutes to make up our mind and choose which one to rent. If you really want to experience Camp Suki, dedicate at least 30 minutes to check out and fit the costumes. No one's too old to play dress ups!

I guess the perfect time to visit the place is on weekdays because there are less customers trying out the costumes (they only have one dressing room). It's also good to go there several weeks before your "costume-themed event" just to make sure that you'd get the best costume if there is one theme.

Make sure to check out their cool cash register (which they still use) and the vintage glasses on display!

Camp Suki is located at:
#88 4th Street, New Manila,
Quezon City, Philippines
(beside Mt. Carmel Church)

Tel. No: (63-2) 725-0819
(63-2) 725-4562
Cell Number: 0917-824-6900
Email address:

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