Dec 27, 2011

Last Stretch Before 2012

It's 10:38pm and I just ate dinner after coming from a meeting in Starbucks Shaw. I'm not sure if committing myself to many ventures will do me good in the long run because I'm exhausting myself too much, but I kinda enjoy the good stress it brings.

Sorry for ranting like a 12 y/o girl but to give you a picture of how my 2011 will end, here are some of my current concerns: we have 60 hours before the Manila Kid billboard shoot and still no pegs; we still have no final supplier for the jackets to be released this January, still no confirmed speaker for a seminar on the same month and deadline for the chapter outlines for our book is due on Friday. Apart from that, I go to work from 8:30-5:30 everyday.

Usually after formal working hours, people go home and rest or hang out with their friends. I kinda forgotten what's it like to have a concern-free evening. Even when I'm about to sleep, I always think of the deadlines and possible ways to go around them more efficiently.

Anyway, I just saw an Anna Wintour special last night in Bloomberg and I admire her determination and brilliance. I hope to replicate her work ethics someday! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Keep those challenges coming!

Carpe Diem before 2012!!!

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