Nov 2, 2010

Fashion Week Finale: Cesar Gaupo

Last day of Fashion Week was the most tiring day because we were in the venue from 1pm until around 9:30pm - and we didn't eat. Ok fine, we had siopao. We almost watched all the shows and it's tiring to maintain a very poised posture and expression especially when seated at the front rows. To prove this, my joints really ached the next day.

While lining up for the Premier C collection, Garage Magazine's JP Singson photographed my brother and I. Haha!:D

I look like a cow compared to my brother and Joma, so believe me guys when I say I'm fat because I'm indeed fat.

Cesar Gaupo closed this season and as Joey Espino said, he showed what designers are to be. We lined up for a long time and the show started really late but it was worth it. In the middle of the runway was this giant kubo.

The music used was from a live guitar player whose music are very Filipino. It's a blend of panghaharana and some ethnic music.

Each piece has its own personality. You can really see his range from the layering to the draping to the crafting of geometric patterns and silhouettes. I don't know if there's a story behind his collection, but I really got drawn to it - like poetry waiting to be uncovered.

We weren't able to get clear shots of each piece though because we were standing from afar - only the VIPs got to sit, and it was a full house.

And here's the iconic Cesar Gaupo. The show was EPIC! 

Until next season! Ciao!

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