Nov 1, 2010

Forming Altar Servers

I was asked by a friend if I can help him with a recollection-formation that he was giving to boys who'd want to be altar servers. I always try to be open for new experiences, Carpe Diem, so why not?

I know it's going to be tiring staying up all day and night just to prepare the stuff needed for the two day recollection. Their church doesn't give much financial support as well so we had to pull all our resources to give these kids a great experience.

The team was divided into two groups between the elementary kids, and high school kids. I got the younger bunch so our activity was lighter (movie watching, reflection, team building, painting, even Shibashi...)

Here's our improvised altar.

And here's me with some of the kids, I had a total of 10 participants.

I told them to paint their most important learning after watching A Bug's Life and after reading a Gospel passage.

This was during Monk's Meal wherein they weren't allowed to get their own food. The only thing they can do is give so it's a test of their sensitivity. They are also not allowed to talk - ask for food or refuse. 

The last activity was called Washing of the Feet wherein a kid would sit in front, blindfolded, and people would line up to say all the good things that they know to the person. This was a sure tear jerker for most people and I really don't know why since I always get compliments. Haha!

I didn't take my camera for the second day because I had to leave in the afternoon for Fashion Week. It was a short recollection, and even though all my joints ached and my voice was sore, I really felt fulfilled because I know these kids would remember this experience as once of their most memorable. 

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