Nov 1, 2010

Kermit Tesoro SS2011


Anonymous said...

Kermit Tesoro's collection is total ripped off from other international acclaim designers! Yung shoes na ginawa nya last season ng fashion week it's from Nina Ricci's collection minodified nya lang to by using different fabrics and adding some spikes, that's not the job of a fashion designer. Fashion designer should create something new and not modified someones design. Next, yung 4th photo is obviously from Alexander Mc Queen's collection it's the Armadillo Heels tinangal nya lang yung heels. I have nothing against Kermit Tesoro but that's the truth. Kaya lang nagiging mukang creative yung mga designs nya it is because dinadagdagan nya ng mga accessories na unique (I doubt). I know, you know what I am talking about since you are a fashion expert.

Neil Palteng said...

It has always been like that. Designers get inspiration from other designers (more often than not), then they evolve the design and make it their own (and you can see this if you observe a designer every season - he still has that trademark.) Kermit paired with Leeroy New last season for a collection beyond what we expected, and his boldness and creativity is something commendable.

This season, he Filipinonized the creations of Mc Queen by using indigenous crops. He's still very young and I know there's great potential in him so let's just watch out how he'll evolve over the years.

I'm not a fashion expert, but I know what goes on a designers head. I'm not defending Kermit but just trying to lay out the facts that designers and artists do get inspiration from nature, experiences and people - then make it their own. I think if you see a designer walk out to the runway with his face very bright with happiness and pride, it would be difficult to call his design a rip off because you can see that he worked hard for it. He owned it!:D