Nov 17, 2010

Behind the Scenes of "Sucker for an Issue"

This was done in the building which houses all the orgs. All we had was a camera and a flash, so it might not look that professional. But we had an experienced photographer (Anne), an all around project head (Ling - who also did the styling of the hair and clothes) and a stunning model (Isa - who I used for the past 3 promos). Thank you also to Jamie for taking the behind the scenes.

This promo would involve distributing 1000 lollipops around campus where the lollipops would have a tag with an issue that falls under the three main panels (Business, Politics and Environment). So people would be literally suckers for business, politics and environment! 

It would also have instructions on how they can sign up for our 7th National Conference on January 21-23.

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