Feb 15, 2010

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai

At the strike of twelve, the party music was drowned by clanging drums and cymbals, and the entrance of two Chinese Lions signaled that we have reached the year of the tiger.

Interestingly, they performed this dance wherein they (the lions) kissed at the end - aha! it's Valentine's Day again, and I'm still single (and ready to mingle?) for the 19th year.

But I did not celebrate it with the usual company of my high school friends. Instead of commonly eating at Sonja's or Krispy Kreme for our pre/post V-Day chats and gossips,

I partied the night with my college friends at Amber.

Hopefully, the company of Chinese folks will bring me all the luck I need this year. Haha!

And speaking of luck, I'm going to have my fortune read first thing in the morning tomorrow, or at least after my Finance class.

I'm crossing my fingers. I've got a feeling that this year would be a blast!:D

Photos by the fabulous Jet Garcia and Jansen Santos

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