Feb 26, 2010

There Has To Be a Better Way

My official reign as Philippine rep. to the Global Ecovillage Network will start next week and I'm having a hard time setting my schedule with other representatives (mostly European and African) because Manila is 8 hours ahead of London!

Why London? Because the boss says we use London time. As far as I know, Asia is under represented compared to Europe so we have to follow by their standards. I think we only have around six countries from Asia (Japan, China, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India) and I'm the newest member in their international council! I'm probably the youngest as well.

It's difficult for me because I have to wake up at 2am or 4am in the morning just to meet them via Skype or something and talk about issues regarding budgets, expanding membership, facilitating international partnership, organizing exchange visits/programs... I'm usually not a morning person so my mind is blank during these hours.

This is bad because they might think Filipinos (particularly me) are mute or stupid! Haha!

There has to be a better way in organizing these meetings!

I haven't been to London and I want to go there even though London Fashion Week is over. Oh please, oh please, oh please:D In that way, I don't have to wake up so early:P

I promise to wear clothes made from authentic Philippine fabrics designed by young Filipino designers only. Even my underwear will be made of pinya because I want to promote our culture. Talk about a young version of Imelda! Haha!

Honestly there has to be a better way because I got a headache while trying to convert my available free time to London time. I hope Japan can over rule the council because Tokyo is just one hour from Manila and it would be more convenient for me:D

Asia and Oceania have 57 Ecovillages
The Americas have 209 Ecovillages
Europe, Africa and the Middle East have 197 Ecovillages
The Philippines is just starting in Nueva Ecija and I want you to be involved:D

If you are interested to be part of this global movement for a more sustainable future, check out these sites:

and get in touch with me through my email: neilpalteng@gmail.com

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