Feb 16, 2010

Effortless Wealth, At Least Three Countries and More Prophecies

For the past six years, Celadon (Ateneo's Chinese org) has been inviting this fortune teller to school. For just a hundred bucks per 10 mins, you can ask questions ranging from career, health, wealth, family life, love life... I got my fortune read just to appease my curiosity and I can't stop beaming for the rest of the day.

For the record, I'm not usually superstitious but based on my grandma and mom's experiences, the "prophecies" actually come true - both the good news and bad lucks.

By the way, I won't go into the specifics since there may be a chance that the prophecy might get "intercepted" haha! I'll just mention the highlights.

I'll gain wealth effortlessly. This applies to my family (care of my dad) and to me personally especially in the future. Maybe now's the perfect year to ask for that silver Toyota Hilux!!! Haha! If not, I'll just settle for a white pony.

I'll have a job immediately after I graduate (companies will be the ones looking for me) and the work won't be demanding but I'll work like 12 hours a day, so I must make sure to take rest.

Me: What should I do so that I'll be very successful in my career?

Fortune Teller: Hmm... Not much. Luck and money will naturally gravitate towards you so you don't need much effort at all.

I'll win Vice President for Communications and External Relations for Harvard Project for Asian International Relations this year!!!

She told me to prepare my passport because there would be a lot of travel abroad this year, at least three. She got that right since I'm planning visits in several countries in Asia, although most of them are not for leisure purposes.

I have social (and a bit of diplomatic) work there promoting the environment and solutions for sustainable development:P And this time, it won't just involve UNICEF, but an org where I can move freely and make my own decisions. Loads of adventure will come!

I'll only have two serious relationships and both will be long term and will happen after college. I'll marry at the age of either 26 or 29 and will have three kids. She strongly cautioned and advised me to take care of the last one because he/she will be very very sickly.

I'll retire in the province with a house overlooking a body of water, either a lake, river or sea.

If you want your fortune to be read, contact me so I can reserve you a slot. Haha! She's really good, I tell you guys!

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