Apr 2, 2010

Job, Office and Internship

I just have this unadulterated loathing for these three words. Thinking about them makes breath faster. Gasp, i need air! It's like someone's squeezing my throat. Raised eyebrows, rolling eyes, flip hair and a deep sigh. Pout.

I certainly don't see myself in the corporate world. No selling credit cards for Citibank, answering phones for Rockwell Land or doing inventory for San Miguel for me (as of now). I might not stand it! I might not survive it - possibly doing something you don't like because it's socially desirable to have a job or internship soon, or because it is driven by money.

I had to take my NSTP again in senior year because I incurred too many absences since I don't enjoy what I'm doing. Talk about conviction.

I am not being arrogant, nor do I not take into consideration the learning behind these OJTs. BUT you have the rest of your lives, I repeat, the rest of your lives (!!!) to learn from work - a formal job!

Right now or maybe after graduation, I don't want to settle for a job. (Technically, I'm not unemployed because I'm not looking for a job) There's just so much else to do.

My plan - go for a vacation for four months after grad. Possibly dedicate my time more to my environmental work or to UNICEF. These two "jobs" gave me so much insights, helped me make new friends, broadened my horizon and forced me out of my comfort zone.

Or I can go for that Africa tour (or Euro tour) that I've always wanted to do. I'm actually saving 2,500 dollars for this.

By the way, my mom bribed me to go to law school! The bribe is really tempting and I'm not sure if I'd accept it or not. I'm planing to go for further studies after that 4 months vacation but that further studies should be geared towards the ultimate plan - a diplomatic position, either an ambassador, something that has to do with the United Nations, or a consultant to World Bank or IMF.

I'm sure not everyone would be happy, or at least agree, with what I wrote here but people are entitled to their own opinion. What works for you may not essentially work for others:D


Anonymous said...

Lol! this may seem ridiculous cuz I just read that you do not want a job immediately after grad but does it worry you that after graduation, you may not find a job that you can say you're satisfied in doing? Just asking. your posts are all interrelated to each other that I'm drawn at reading them :P

Neil Palteng said...

first of all, thank you for that last part on your comment:D

i didn't study to get a job... immediately. it doesn't worry me at all of not finding a job that I can be satisfied in doing because I know how to play my strengths and weaknesses and that has always led me to everything I want (or at least need).

there's just some people who have luck on their side, and I can say that I am among those people. haha! honestly, even the fortune teller told me i'm lucky and i'll not ran out of jobs.

that's my rather weird explanation... but i'm not a very worrying person, i'm a free spirit. :P

Anonymous said...

I used to be so much like you: did not go for an OJT, and believed i was so lucky all the time, to the extent that i believed i was the daughter of fortune, and wanted to work for UN or World Bank. Anyway, that time was not so long ago. Im still trying to figure out my life :) gluck

Neil Palteng said...

well, everything is contingent:D

and i guess life is a continuous "figuring out"

this somehow reminds me of a quote by TS Eliot:

"we shall not cease from exploration and at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time"