Apr 24, 2010

What Tweedledee Must Have Felt

Last monday, tweedleDUMB and I went to our high school teacher's condo for her birthday. It was a pool party so my brother wore long sleeves with straw fedoras, and I had this tribal neck piece. There were loads of old faces, former schoolmates, friends and teachers.

But I've just noticed something: Isn't it just awkward when people greet you as a pair even though they know your first names? It's plain irritating!

There was even this new teacher who said, "ah so these are the Palteng brothers." I've never met him before, but he made a lasting impression when he guessed that I was younger than tweedledumb. (does this make me tweedledee?)

It's like curse when some people mistake you as twins. I don't like it at all.

We were walking near the market in a far flung province up North, just observing how people survive without malls, and there was this guy with a bike who was staring at us incredulously and with the most bizarre expression in his face! He slowed down, stopped in front of us, and as though he just recovered from diarrhea, he blurted out "AKALA KO KAMBAL! HAHAHA!"

We were stunned. All I can say was, "salamat po! wink!"

These events happen often. I can't blame my mom for letting us wear similar outfits when we were kids. She thinks it's funny. I don't.

Tweedledee must have felt the same. It's as if your historicity is also dependent on your "twin." Without him, you cannot be defined. Well, maybe that's why my brother and I always find reasons to out do each other.

And maybe, this is the root of many sibling rivalries - the constant comparisons and contrasts. Who can blame them? Who can blame us? It's actually fun!;) as long as no one gets smacked in the face and pushed to the washing machine! Haha! (This actually happened)

Speaking of rivalries, I just want to let the whole world know that I'm thinner than my brother by 2 freaking pounds!

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