Apr 25, 2010

The World According to Them

Why is there this sudden euphoria for the "real world" after graduation? People are so excited that they're trying to get a taste of this "real world" through internship programs this summer. If out there is the "real world," they what am I living in? An imagined state?

At somehow, sa pag abot sa kapalarang ito - ang real world, kailangang talikuran ang sarili, at i-conform sa itinakdang real world ng iba - working 8 hours a day, paying taxes, having "colleagues", pagsunod sa rigid dress code (parang asong nakatali lang ang leeg!) Ngunit sino ba ang dunong ng katotohanan para magtakda?

I think this whole "real world" thing is a marketing strategy of parents to pressure their kids to find work after graduation. We are kinda deceived into an illusion that having this bully classmate in grade school, this peer pressure in high school, and this unending paper to write in college are not the "real world."

The reality of a world is subjective to age, and to that individual. Factor in time and environment.

For me, an ideal day would be exercise in the morning, blog, go to school, then to the mall or museum, paint in the evening, read a book, then sleep - eating meals less than 500 calories 3 times a day. The real world would be deviating from these ideal days, going out with friends and family every week and trying to spice it up more.

Right now, I can't imagine myself following a professional dress code so the real world according to the adults is the imagined state. Rigid dress codes remind me of the days when I used to visit the bank of my mom and people were so up tight that they don't want to play with me, so I'm stuck there drawing and trying to irritate the guard.

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