Apr 13, 2010

Final List for 2010

Ideally, the best form of government is that in which the sovereignty, or supreme controlling power in the last resort, is vested in the entire aggregate of the community; every citizen not only having a voice in exercise of that ultimate sovereignty, but being, at least occasionally, called on to take an actual part in the government, by the personal discharged of some public function, local or general.

Having said that, this is my final list of officials for May 2010!

President: Noynoy Aquino
Vice President: Mar Roxas

Alex Lacson
Susan Ople
Joey de Venecia
Mon-Mon Mitra
Bongbong Marcos
Satur Ocampo
Ruffy Biazon
Nereus Acosta
Lisa Masa
Riza Hontiveros
Danny Lim
Teofisto Guingona

The best form of government is a representative government where OUR voices are heard and OUR collective interests are respected, and I think these are the best people for the job.

You don't elect someone just because he has the strongest political machinery; the youngest, smartest and most able; has this intention to be redeemed; or has the best track record/experience.

We need someone who will bring the government back to the people.

I'm strongly campaigning for Noynoy Aquino not because he is the best one for the position but because i know that he will listen to US and can speak on OUR behalf. I believe that through their leadership people can participate in the running of the state and marginalization issues can thereby by addressed, if not solved.


Anonymous said...

I really hope that this year's election shall be the start of a better CHANGE for the Philippines.


Julián Marcial said...

You know what, you're clearing my doubts over the matter of the elections. I am still an undecided voter, and odd enough, peer pressure is giving me an idea that Dick Gordon is the one I should vote.

But I'm still undecided.

At least I was reminded of what our country needs now, and not what a president should normally be.

It is not yet time for the Philippines to have a practical choice for a president. We need to believe to those whose will is kept in the lines of morality and the interests of the good, not of the corrupt.


anne laxa said...

why Bongbong Marcos?

Anonymous said...

Sana si Noynoy na! :)