Apr 27, 2010

The Tragedy of Reading History

How can anyone continue studying the history of the Philippines with all its betrayals, sacrifices and tragic events? I can't proceed with this heavy feeling after reading Del Pilar's bravery for that conceited Aguinaldo! And so as the assassination of Luna or the probable rape of Bonifacio's wife before he himself was murdered by Aguinaldo's men!

The problem with having a very imaginative mind is that somehow, you immerse yourself with the readings too much that you accidentally empathize with the characters... You identify with their aspirations and frustrations. I don't know with you but i formulate and try to guess their own personal backgrounds and the motivations behind each actions. There are a lot of what ifs going through my mind right now.

It draws and sucks you like an emotional black hole. It leaves you helpless and empty, wishing you could have done something than just be a spectator in the unfolding of a grand tragedy.

Sigh! I usually don't cry over history books.:((

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erwinator said...

that's okay. I've cried reading a book once, but the story was fictional :-)