Mar 31, 2010


Yes, my shoulder joints are as tight as frog butt holes now, but I really had a great time paddling through the glass like water, as spiders were jumping from one plant to the other and as I was trying to avoid the snake pit (!!!) at one of the sharp turns.

It wasn't hard at all balancing the kayak. At first I was a bit hesitant to ride since I don't have a life vest and who know's what is at the bottom of the stream. But you just had to paddle and relax and the smooth current will just take you.

The owner of the ecovillage / my boss seated with me to guide me where to go since I might get lost. Did I mention there's a snake living near the stream!? I felt a heavy and dark energy at one of stations so I tried my best to avoid it. After getting off, she told me that there's a snake who lives in one of the trees and it's good that I sensed it.

My birthday is just around the corner and right now, I'm thinking of three options which I might ask as a birthday present: 1) DSLR to shoot my self and satisfy my vanity... i mean my love of nature. 2) I really want to have my car retinted (for this summer's heat!) and buy some really good sound system. Maybe even a bass booster at the back of the car. 3) Lastly, I might ask for a kayak, which I can use in Yago's beach party!... now if only I have a pick up to bring it.

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