Mar 26, 2010

Being Part of Something Really Special

I cannot express how happy and proud I am right now. There's this guy whom I have know since he was a freshman in high school, (I was a sophomore then.) He joined my club with his friends and was there until we graduated from high school - I think he became the vice president.

I just learned that he is now a seminarian!!!

We were all in shock because we didn't see it coming - especially from him.

I don't know why but I really felt great when I heard the news. It's like being a part of something really really special that is about to unfold (although I'm not sure what it is).

I immediately searched him in facebook and based from the pictures, it looks like he's been having a great time!

I heard there's another guy who went to the seminary one batch younger than him, also from my club (!!!), but I don't know him that much.

I'm starting to think I'm a good influence to others! Hahaha!

I hope I can meet and talk to him again soon:D


Mike Gallego said...

Mico? met him inside the seminary. he was one of my table mates during breakfast, lunch and dinner.:>

the other seminarian must be Decena. he's one of the first seminarians who welcomed us when had our orientation in DBC. :>

Neil Palteng said...

thank you very much for that info:D when did you meet him? and why do you have an orientation in DBC? are you also entering the seminary? Haha

yeah i also know decena... he's a friend of my brother. i didn't expect him to enter the seminary rin. grabe:D this makes me so happy!:D