Mar 12, 2010

Driving Ethics

I saw again the Mercedes Benz C63 at school this morning (daydreaming!) and I kinda thought that it was a "bit" unpractical for a 7million peso car to be driven by a college student in the hellish streets of the metro.

How many times have we heard of stories where a son is gifted an Audi by his parents and after several weeks, ends up dead because he crashed his new car in White Plains or somewhere.

Accidents like these can be avoided with good driving/traffic ethics or a driver if you're drunk.

Don't you guys get a headache whenever you drive or is being driven to school and you could have avoided a serious accident if only that guy in front knew how to use his signal lights! It just takes one second to tap that thing and some people really take that for granted.

I think when you make singit in traffic, you should still use the signal lights because it's so much hassle to have the papers signed for the car insurance thing if you "accidentally" hit someone, and give us a warning if you're going to make gasgas because sometimes, people don't have decent cameras for documentation purposes.

And if you're going to be hit, better make sure that it's not a jeepney who will hit you because sayang naman. Mabuting nabangga ka na lang ng Chrysler, siguro may extrang moolah pa to get the car fixed, that would even make my day.

A jeepney driver will only say: "pasensya na po bosing!" or "putang ina mo hindi ka kasi tumitingin!"

Current mood: Pissed.

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