Mar 9, 2010

Hitting The Pause Button

I think I just bit more than I can chew. Aside from this whole college-academics thing (which is really kicking my ass), I still need to learn French ASAP (as suggested by my boss) because I can't understand a thing these Western Africans and the accent of some European reps. It's such a stress having this phone conferences with around a dozen people especially if you don't understand what they say.

During my last meeting with them, all I can say was:
"wait i'm still reading it"
"that's a great idea!"
"i consent to it"

I feel so dumb.

The good thing about joining this global circle of reps is that I can be invited to other countries (for free hopefully), like the one on May 28. We'll be launching NextGEN's new website in Tokyo (!!!) and I'm part of this "idea generation" committee. I want the website to be more interactive so I suggested to have a part where people can blog about their projects, proposals and concerns. In that way, people outside the circle can be informed and participate.

I'm also looking forward to my visit in Thailand where I'll meet Om, my Thai counterpart there. She's very active since she's invited people from China, Cambodia and Burma to take part in her seminar and I wish I can attend it as soon as my school work is done, probably this summer. I wish the Philippines had more budget so we can throw parties for promotion.:P

Is there a Pause Button where i can just hit and things will just stop? I need a day to rest - to bum and probably to visit the mall and watch Alice in Wonderland.
Things have been so fast paced since last month that most of my friends are sick and sleep deprived.

School doesn't deserve the stress we too often devote to it. I mean it! You won't be measure by the number of A's or F's you have when you die.

Other worries:
My face - needs to get this fixed ASAP
My weight - i'm dangerously loosing weight so I'm planning to hit the gym soon
My birthday - just around the corner and still no theme!
My grades in my Money and Banking class - :((

And about that French thing, I need a motivation to learn a new language. Probably a new set of French book or a trip to France (haha! i wish!)

Hitting the pause button now.

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